A Few words on Who We Are

PallasRecords is an independent record label based in Geneva specialising in producing and developing emerging artists from across the world. Our ambition is to provide quality recordings, music productions, publishing, artist booking and management. A true career builder from A to Z to help talented singers and make a powerful difference in the music industry. As part of PallasArts, we believe, share the same values by placing all our knowledge, passion, creativity and strategy in human expression. We’ve teamed up with professional producers and songwriters to provide the most versatile and accurate service.

Our music When pop meets classic

How many melodies from classical found their way to modern music?
It is our duty to pay tribute to the standard music of the western world and had an authentic touch to our production for a magical music experience. A natural balance between acoustic and electronic sounds, traditional music and a modern club-music with a magnificent classical vibe oriented approach. Inspire our listeners as well as our artists and collaborators is one of the main purpose for PallasRecords to achieve.

Our artists Make everything possible

As we believe human beings are meant to do great things, we do not hesitate to go deep and travel around the world in developing countries to find our up and coming talents. We want to give them a career opportunity and set an example, inspire, encourage generations to come. PallasRecords is all about a broad spectrum of musical styles. Bringing together international artists from different musical backgrounds.


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  • Geneva, Doha, Vienna

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