A Few words on Our purpose

The Bab’El Institute is a cultural center for the promotion of exchange between the West and the Middle East. The center will dedicate itself to providing lifelong education to its members and affiliates. It will also organize artistic and cultural exhibitions, international conferences, forums, cultural events, and many other activities. Most importantly, it will host a very special orphanage promoting a revolutionary approach to education.


One of Plato’s most famous sayings is that ignorance is the root and stem of all evil. Anyone would be hard-pressed to object to such wisdom. Accordingly, education is the cornerstone of the Bab’El Institute and we ambition to go beyond the current organization of the education system in the most developed countries. Indeed, the roots of this system go back to the nineteenth century when the bourgeois ruling class of rapidly industrializing countries designed a framework to improve the quality of workers, engineers, and managers. This system is based on a purely rational and materialistic approach to life, which has been clashing with its spiritual and religious aspect from the onset. However, the discoveries in the field of quantum mechanics in the twentieth century have shattered the notion of tangible matter as an absolute scientific basis, and opened the door to the reconciliation of science and religion, matter and spirit.

Despite the tremendous implications of the quantum revolution for the future of humankind, the traditional education system is still stuck in its old industrial pattern. The world no longer needs flocks of obedient factory workers and conservative managers. It needs entrepreneurs and visionaries. The unprecedented success of industrialized nations over the course of the past two centuries has petrified mentalities in a very materialistic mind-set, where people are mindlessly specializing into more and more minute aspects of life, while further disconnecting themselves from its holistic reality.

What we have discovered is that the best way to break free from an inflexible pattern is never to enter it in the first place! As such, we perceive orphans, who have had the curse and blessing not to have been conditioned by the most stable of social structures that is the family, to be the potential groundbreaking geniuses of tomorrow. If they are provided with the right education, artfully combining the most advanced notions of science with the most mind-opening teachings of ancient philosophy and spirituality from the world over, they can be empowered to succeed in anything they set their mind to. As Henry Ford famously put it: “whether you think you can or you think you can’t, you’re right!”

We have already started to collaborate with the Ambassador of Argentina in Qatar, H.E. Carlos Hernandez, to support local orphanages in his home country. Other officials from various countries have also expressed their interest in supporting our initiative. This is a first concrete step, which will provide us with the practical experience needed to yield the best results. On the long-term, the Bab’El Institute ambitions not only to be a major cultural center, but also a holistic science and technology hub, as well as a business incubator allowing its orphans to directly contribute to humanity’s development.

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